Purrfect ArchTM - New Groomer That Brushes Cats’ Coats While They Play!

Purrfect ArchTM - Removes Shedding Hair and Keeps Kitty Entertained for Hours!

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Offer details: Purrfect Arch™ groomer is the only groomer that lets cats brush themselves! Through this special offer, you get the Purrfect Arch™ groomer for only $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H. You will also receive a FREE BONUS bag of catnip to use with your Purrfect Arch™ groomer. BUT WAIT, we will also include another Purrfect Arch™ groomer, and additional BONUS bag of catnip for FREE!

Offer includes: (2) Purrfect Arch™ groomers, and (2) FREE BONUS bags of catnip.